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Learn how your competitors performing in SMM campaigns for a few minutes and improve your own digital strategy

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How it looks

Also, you can check how it looks in the live via our demo report

Charts and heat maps

Our charts is simply and clear for understanding. All of them have a short info about source metric and you no need to spend a lot of your time for learning

List of all publications by Report period

Each Report has a list of publications by Report period. You can use it to find best or worst publications and our sorting function will help you with it

Quality recommendations

Each publication has our quality rating with list of rules that based on analyzed big data from social medias. These rules will help you to have better user engagement on your publications

Export to Excel

You can download each Report in .xlsx format. All metrics and publications will be exported and you can use this data how you want

Share Reports with your clients

You can share your Reports in one click. Users, who have a public link to your Reports, can view and download them. So useful for big teams

We will help you

Understand strategy

Analyze the effectiveness of your competitor's marketing campaigns

Analyze of communication channels

Detailed statistics for each channel

Improve it

Catching "hot" and viral competitors positions and make it better

Capture and influence the mood of your customers and improve it

Offer complete solutions for your brand and improve existing tools

Get the result

Your marketing campaigns will be cheaper and more efficient than in competitors

You learn how to work with the audience of your brand

Ahead of your competitors

Supported social media channels

We provide data from the most popular social media networks.
Track their social network accounts, brand mentions and know what your competitors are doing on








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For small business and startups
$9per month
  • 5 brands for comparing
  • 5 accounts in each brand



For business and SMM-specialists
$15per month
  • 10 brands for comparing
  • 5 accounts in each brand



For marketing agencies and big business
If you need to analyze more brands and accounts, write us on and we will offer custom solution for you!

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